Network Security shouldn’t be a gamble.

Don’t gamble with your network security. Protect your network with security that's constantly evolving.

We've got you covered from every angle.

Network Security that's designed with multi-layer protection against threats from both inside and outside your network.

Industry leading-edge technologies are used to eliminate blind spots even with encrypted traffic to create a safer access layer for your clients or your users.

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Speed up and simplify the deployment, management and maintenance of your network security with our centralized cloud management platform, Nebula.

From synchronizing Security profiles to managing user access, Zyxel Nebula has been designed to scale with you.

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Reputation Filter

Preventing up to 70% of threats as a first line defence our Industry-leading filtering technologies includes DNS Content Filter and Reputation filtering, eliminating blind spots even with encrypted traffic.

AI & Sandboxing

Sandboxing allows a rapid response to new threats that have not yet been identified and then contain them leveraging from a variety of latest tech including AI and Cloud Technologies.

Web Security

Includes Content Filter features, covering IP checking with cloud-synced categories that continually are kept up-to-date with an ever evolving cloud database.

Collaborative Detection & Response

CDR (Collaborative Detection & Response) allows network devices to work together to block or quarantine the compromised client devices at the network edge.

Application Security and Control

Provides Protection over Applications along with providing detailed control over the optimisation of application traffic and even block undesirable ones.

Malware & Ransomware Protection

Our anti-malware delivers quick and responsive protection against the latest threats in Malware.

Security that is constantly evolving, so you don’t need to.

Network security that constantly evolves to meet the demands of an ever changing working environment.

From providing flexible secure working access, to having some of the world's leading network security vendors constantly protect you against the latest threats within minutes of an outbreak.

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Networking that works together to protect your users… now that’s smart!

Contain compromised devices before they can create issues with our Collaborative Detection & Response (CDR) service.

CDR can allow the Security Gateway to work in tandem with Zyxel Wireless Access Points to block or quarantine compromised client devices at the network edge.

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Ransomware attacks increased by 485% in 2020

Will your network security protect you when you need it the most? Why not check out our full range of Network Security Hardware

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Never trust, always verify.

In today's environments the complexity of BYOD, IoT devices and remote working brings an enormous amount of risk for business networks.

A never trust, always verify methodology also commonly known as Zero Trust is an important step for many businesses,

Zero Trust is built from a group of technologies which can be found in Zyxel Security Services allowing secure remote access to your organization’s network by giving a simplified yet powerful user-centric access and control management platform.

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Don’t gamble with your network security!

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