Simplicity Series.

Our Simplicity Series (VPN), features many robust VPN functionalities to empower your business network with better connectivity and improved security.

The Series has been designed to create resilience in common secure Site to Site communication including the support of Azure and AWS scenarios.

WAN load balancing

Ethernet WAN connections support active-active WAN load balancing or active-passive failover.

Robust & Secure SHA2 VPN

High-throughput IPSec, L2TP VPN capabilities, reinforced with advanced SHA-2 encryption.

Device HA

VPN100/300/1000 includes Device High Availability Pro as standard ( Allows Active / Passive ).

Wireless Controller

Built-in Fully functional and comprehensive on-premise Wireless Access Point (AP) Controller for Supported Zyxel APs.

Content Filtering

Strengthen security by blocking access to malicious or risky websites. Prevents malware downloads from compromised or hacked websites.


Supporting Advanced SD-WAN features like: Auto-VPN, Dynamic Path Selection and WAN Optimization.

Simplicity Series models…

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VPN Amazon VPC
VPN Microsoft Azure
WLAN Controller (On Premises WLAN Controller)
Geo Enforcer
Web Security (Content Filtering)
Hotspot Management
SecuReporter Standard / Premium
Central Management via Nebula (NCC)
Application Security (Layer 7 Application Control)
Malware Blocker
Intrusion Prevention
Email Security / Anti-Spam*
Express Mode (Cloud Query)
Deep Scan Mode (Stream Mode)
Dual Scan Mode (Hybrid Mode - Cloud + Stream)
IP Reputation Filter
DNS Reputation Filter
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  • Feature is available or included in bundle
  • Optional via additional license
  • * Available in Standalone Configuration only